My name is Christina Foster, this is my infant lost story. In January of 2014 my husband Coby and I found out we were expecting what we thought was one child conceived naturally. At the end of January I was having a lot of stomach discomfort and was seen by OB for an ultrasound which is when we found out there were two babies and a hemorrhage sack. We were told this should not effect them and should dissolve on its own. At our 16 week regular OB appt they said that I needed to see fetal maternal medicine in Harrisburg to get established with them in case there where any issues. An appointment was made for 20 weeks. At this appointment  the regular OB found that baby b( Mia) was smaller then baby a (Ty).  Mia’s cord flow was also reversed but the tech said it wasn’t a problem. I felt myself getting worked up but talked with friends who had twins and had the same thing. Coby told me to stop worrying, that everything would be OK. Our 20 week appointment came and he couldn’t get off work. I went after work that day to meet the doctors and have a ultrasound so I wasn’t worried. I was wrong. The young ultrasound tech made me comfortable and explained what she was measuring and looking out, the next thing I knew the doctor was coming in and said baby b had less then a 50% chance of survival…that she was not compatible with life and that baby had club feet. I was told I needed an amniocentesis right then. Coby and I had already decided we didn’t want genetic testing, that if something was wrong we would deal with it. At this point I’m a mess and had called Coby. The doctor wouldn’t wait for him to get there so he said  to go ahead and get it done and meet him at home. The process was ok with Ty but Mia’s was a different story. Instead of two sticks it was four and at that point I just wanted out of there. How could this be happening? Why is this happening I did everything right so far?

In 3 days we had the primary results. I was at work and just about went to the floor. Mia had trisomy 18 (an extra 18th chromosome) which affects the organs and in her case her heart. There was nothing we could do. Ty’s test came back normal. Club feet run in both our families so our parents said not to worry. We returned for the final results with fetal maternal. We wanted the truth. They were positive she wouldn’t make it to delivery due to her condition. I prayed they were wrong.

At 25 weeks,  June 3,2014,  I went for an appointment at the high risk doctor and the tech said, “I’m so sorry Mia is gone”. I was so thankful I had a friend with me. I was admitted to the hospital over night. I called everyone. My dad said “I didn’t want to hear bad news”. I wish I could have changed it. My heart was in my stomach. How was I going to do this, how was I going to explain? I called my boss who sobbed with me.

Everything was ok with Ty at this point but I had to be watched for infections or hydrops. That weekend I was having horrible back pain and stomach pain that I blamed on food I had at a bridal shower. Little did I know, till my family insisted I called the doc, that I was in labor with contractions every 2 minutes. Back to the hospital I went to be monitored and put on some heavy meds  to stop the contractions. I spent a week in the hospital and was miserable on the magnesium they were giving me. Carlisle sent me to Harrisburg fearing they would be delivering 25 week old babies, one alive and one dead. So much happened in a little time  that much of it is a blur. I was then put on bed rest thinking every day that I just wanted to die. I felt nothing. I felt that no matter what I did now Ty was now going to die too and it was going to be my fault. I grieved while trying to stay positive….it just doesn’t work.

I made it 7 more weeks and at my 33 week appointment Ty was showing distress signs. I was admitted and watched. That was on a Monday and on that Wednesday, Coby had decided to go to work.  The nurse came in and said, “where is your husband, you need to get him here now”. I’m in panic mode again.  I’m gonna lose him too. I knew this was gonna happen. How could these doctors do this to me again? Ty’s heart rate dropped and I was headed for a emergency c section. On July 30,2014 at 12:07 I delivered Ty weighing in at 4lbs 7oz heart beating and crying. At 12;09 I delivered my sleeping Mia who was down to 4oz since she passed. Oh there is not a day that I don’t wish she was here with us. Ty was in the Nicu for 18 days and is now 9 1/2 months and doing wonderful. Unfortunately I will not have any more children. As much as I would love to, I can’t take the heart ache again. My heart hurts as these next few months come and go and as I relive those horrible days while also try to enjoy my surviving twin. Always loved and remembered…

Mia Joy foster passed at 25 weeks and was stillborn at 33 weeks…


Ty Lee Foster born at 33 weeks


Trisomy 18 effects 1 in 7,000 pregnancies/babies and is a genetic disorder.
Club feet effects 1 in 1,000 pregnancies/babies.